DISKUS produces special grinding machines for highly differing requirements.

Special grinding machines are an important product segment in the comprehensive line of side face grinding machines offered by DISKUS. These special grinding machines are numbered among the quality tested DISKUS deburring machines, which take up the lowest ranking level in terms of the accuracy required for DISKUS products.

Deburring machines are special grinding machines used in varying industrial sectors for removing the burrs from castings. This type of special grinding machine is an extreme contrast to the precision grinding machines requiring absolute precision in the micrometer range.

In addition to special grinding machines, DISKUS also offers a wide line of quality machines for highly varying areas of production. DISKUS is one of the world's leading manufacturers of conventional, CBN grinding machines as well as grinding machines with diamond tools. Flexibility is an important quality criterion at DISKUS, which, together with innovative products and continuous development work, guarantees versatile requirements for economical and high quality processes on customer production lines.