Quality tested precision grinding machines from DISKUS for precision grinding

Precision grinding machines from DISKUS are recognized worldwide for their quality and precision.

The comprehensive DISKUS product line includes a wide range of high quality, precision grinding machines - from simple face grinding machines to double side face grinding machines for highly varying industrial and production areas.

The DISKUS product line of precision grinding machines includes turntable face grinding machines, roller bearing grinding machines, ball bearing grinding machines, ceramic grinding machines, hard metal grinding machines, machine blade grinding machines or knife grinding machines and plunge cut grinding machines.

This comprehensive product line combined with reliable precision work with the precision grinding machines are the outstanding quality features of the DISKUS product portfolio.

Precision grinding machines from DISKUS are used worldwide. The reliable quality of our precision finishing machines is your guarantee for accurate grinding processes, whether with CBN or conventional tools. With its innovative IONIC process control, DISKUS offers a flexible and reliable method of measuring workpieces following the grinding process in DISKUS precision grinding machines. An additional quality guarantee for micrometer accuracy of the grinding work performed by the precision grinding machines from DISKUS, and simultaneously your guarantee for stable grinding processes.