Plunge cut grinding machines can be matched flexibly to the workpiece

Plunge cut grinding machines are used for numerous and highly varying applications in medium and large scale industrial production. DISKUS offers a wide line of conventional and CNC face grinding machines for use as plunge cut grinding machines as well as side face grinding machines.

Plunge cut grinding machines belong to the category of special grinding machines produced at the DISKUS plant for precision grinding. We supply our customers around the world with micrometer precision plunge cut grinding machines for integration into our customers' fully automated production processes, for economically practical, integral and cost-saving operation. Our customers for plunge cut grinding machines include well known companies from the automotive industry and roller bearing industry as well as manufacturers of sintered metals and pressrooms.

Flexible, custom, workpiece-oriented solutions for DISKUS plunge cut grinding machines

Production face grinding machines such as plunge cut grinding machines are produced by DISKUS to meet specific customer standards and requirements. We offer professional solutions based on the workpieces to be ground. For this purpose the plunge cut grinding machines are equipped with special devices and assemblies optimally matched to the workpieces, or the appropriate special equipment is supplied for configuration.

The product line of quality tested face grinding machines is so comprehensive and varied that our flexibility for providing custom products at the DISKUS plant is virtually unlimited.