Side face grinding machines from DISKUS

For nearly a century, the Frankfurt DISKUS plant has produced custom side face grinding machines. DISKUS is one of the world's leading producers of side face grinding machines and its customers include industrial and commercial enterprises around the globe.

The production of precision machines for grinding flat surfaces is the specialty of the comprehensive DISKUS product portfolio. The plant in Dietzenbach has state-of-the-art production facilities for production of custom tailored side face grinding machines.

What distinguishes DISKUS side face grinding machines?
In the manufacturing industry, precision is of the utmost importance. DISKUS supplies face grinding machines for precise operation right down to the micrometer while maintaining exact outer dimensions in the millimeter range. Side face grinding machines with this precision and accuracy operate rationally leading to significantly reduced part costs for users.

The comprehensive product line offered by DISKUS has been adapted continuously over the years to the current requirements of industrial customers. The product line of side face grinding machines has been continuously supplemented and improved and today includes a wide range of side face grinding machines with vertical and horizontal spindles, various measuring techniques and grinding agents.

DISKUS offers custom solutions for industrial and commercial applications where face grinding machines are required for precision processing of flat surfaces right down to the millimeter, on one or both sides.