Grinding machines of the new generation

In machine engineering, grinding machines are generally considered to be precision machine tools, regardless of whether or not they are simple face grinding machines or double side face grinding machines.

DISKUS Werke in Dietzenbach offers an extremely wide variety in its product line for grinding machines. Grinding machines, or technically correct: Side face grinding machines from DISKUS are sold worldwide. The company, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2011, has for generations produced grinding machines which are used worldwide in highly differing industrial and economic branches.

Strong visions, ambitious technology and human know-how have made Diskus grinding machines what they are today: Grinding machines of the new generation, with made in Germany quality.

New markets present new challenges.
The flexibility of DISKUS is an important quality and performance feature of the German company, which has earned its place as one of the world's leading producers of grinding machines. The DISKUS side face grinding machines guarantee precision work even on extremely large parts. The advantage for DISKUS customers is the significant reduction of the cost per part to increase your competitive edge by reducing your production costs. Automotive manufacturers with supplier companies, the bearing industry or watchmakers; all belong to the highly diversified clientele of DISKUS, who equips them with precision grinding machines for their corporate sectors.

The product line is extremely wide and highly varied.
Whether grinding machines for flat surfaces, for grinding one or both sides - DISKUS offers the right machine for your specific requirements. Grinding machines are produced on state-of-the-art equipment and machines at the modern production facilities in Dietzenbach, near Frankfurt am Main. The production portfolio includes rotary table face grinding machines, special grinding machines such as deburring grinders and precision grinding machines as well as roller bearing and ball bearing grinding machines, ceramic and carbide metal grinding machines and machine blade or simply blade grinding machines.