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The IONIC is a system for computer-aided regulation of the final dimensions of workpieces when grinding in continuous operation with surface grinding machines in the wet range. It controls the machine as a post-process system while the workpieces are in motion. For some applications, this system can also be used as an in-process system. Differences in thickness up to a variation of 0.1µm (0.0001mm) can be evaluated.

Since 1948 DISKUS has produced its own process control systems designed especially for DISKUS grinding machines. Up to 1985 these were pure HARDWARE SOLUTIONS. At the end of 1985 we began development of a SOFTWARE SOLUTION, implemented with the IONIC 68000, which was superseded by the IONIC 17A in 1995.

The newest generation - the IONIC 18 - has been available since 2007. The hardware consists primarily of components from SIEMENS, guaranteeing maximum reliability.

The equipment as well as the associated software are developed in our own development department, making it possible to continue to develop the program and adapt it to the state-of-the-art. In the meantime the program incorporates over a quarter century of know-how for precise control of DISKUS surface grinding machines.

The IONIC18 as a stand-alone unit.
Recording of readings with operation in progress.

Product data sheet


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