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Through-feed grinding R - Type DDW

In this grinding process the workpieces are guided through the grinding wheels one after another with the aid of a transport plate.

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DDW ... XR

Product data sheet



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  • Machine frame with insulating material
  • Tempered motor-driven spindles
  • Digital drives
  • Pretensioned linear bearings
  • Siemens CNC 840 D
  • IONIC 18 Process control

  • Grinding wheel dia.: 400mm
  • Max. workpiece dia.: 80 x 20mm
  • Grinding agent: Corundum, CBN or diamond
  • Grinding wheel dia.: 600mm
  • Max. workpiece dia.: 80 x 30mm
  • Grinding agent: Corundum, CBN or diamond
  • Grinding wheel dia.: 900mm
  • Max. workpiece dia.: 150 x 50mm
  • Grinding agent: Corundum or CBN

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machine concept

DDW ... XR
DDW machine concept ... XR

machine description

Diskus double surface grinding machine



with horizontal spindles.



This machine type is a steel-box frame welded construction with two opposing horizontal grinding spindles with the same axis. These are directly driven, liquid cooled motor driven spindles whose main spindle drives each have a motor output of 24 kW to 100 kW.



Various types of workpiece transport are possible. Linear workpiece feed can also be selected, depending on the workpiece geometry. In this case, the workpieces are fed and guided with the help of guide rails for the grinding tools. At the discharge, Diskus's own ionic 100 % measuring control measures each part.



The measuring results from this post-process measuring control are transferred to the SIEMENS 840D machine control and used for automatic correction as required.

Technical Data

Machine types available in this series:

  • DDW 400 XR - Max. workpiece: 80 x 20mm
  • DDW 600 XR - Max. workpiece: 80 x 30mm
  • DDW 900 XR - Max. workpiece: 150 x 50mm

The following grinding agents can be used:

  • DDW 400 XR: Corundum, CBN or diamond
  • DDW 600 XR: Corundum, CBN or diamond
  • DDW 900 XR: Corundum or CBN

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Cam ring

Clutch element

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Clutch plate

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Clutch plate

Control disk

Ferrite shell


Hobbing elements


Piston ring

Planing blade



Rotor housing

Sealing plate

Small bearing race

Snap ring

Stamped part

Thrust element

Thrust washer

Valve plate