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Plunge cut grinding (with oscillation) – Type DS top

In this grinding process the workpieces are guided beneath the grinding wheel with the aid of a guide. The plunge cut is accomplished separately on each workpiece while the grinding wheel oscillates.

attendant machines

DS ... XOZ


  • Machine frame with insulating material
  • Tempered motor-driven spindles
  • Digital drives
  • Column saddle / pick up principle
  • Stationary grinding spindle
  • Pretensioned linear bearings
  • Siemens CNC 840 D
  • Process control

  • Grinding wheel dia.: 400mm
  • Max. workpiece dia.: 1000 x 350mm
  • Grinding agent: Corundum, CBN or diamond

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machine concept

DS ... XOZ
DS machine concept ... XOZ

machine description

Diskus lateral surface grinding machines with stationary vertical spindle.
This machine type has a vertical, stationary motor-driven grinding spindle. The workpieces are guided to the grinding tool clamped in the column saddle and clamping device. The grinding process itself can be accomplished with plunge cut grinding or plunge cut grinding with oscillation, whereby the downfeed is accomplished in the vertical direction with the Z axis and oscillation with the X axis. The grinding tool can be dressed with a dressing tool mounted additionally on the column saddle.
The unfinished parts are fed in and the finished parts are moved out by a feed/discharge belt. The present column saddle simultaneously serves as a pickup unit with which the workpieces are moved into the operating chamber and back to the conveyor belt.
Separating modules are available for the feed/discharge belt as options as well as turning stations for grinding both sides.
Double clamping devices as well as rotating clamping devices can be mounted on the column saddle depending on the size of the workpiece as well as the tolerances for evenness and parallelity.

Technical Data

Machine types available in this series:

  • DS 400 XOZ - Max. workpiece: 1000 x 350mm

The following grinding agents can be used:

  • Corundum
  • CBN
  • Diamond