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As far back as 1911, we started our pioneering work in the special field of face grinding and double face grinding, which is known as ≫DISKUS-grinding≪ today. As a member of the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP, we're one of the world's leading manufacturers of machine tools for the machining of planar and parallel surfaces. Maximum precision coupled with a large removal rate are achieved with our custom-made face grinding machines. The range of applications for our products extends from the automotive industry and its suppliers through the rolling bearing and watchmaking industry to the glass and ceramics industry.

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Precision by definition: DISKUS DFine and DISKUS Defined Grinding

Machine platform and face grinding technology for defined face grinding

DVS UGrind: Unbelievably convincing.

Universal hard-fine machining for small and medium batch sizes

DVS Moduline

Unlimited flexibility in production, technology and automation

Continuous, through feed plunge-cut (KDE) grinding

Grinding thin parts efficiently and reliably



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